Friday, May 25, 2012


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Happy Memorial Day Weekend!
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Monday, April 9, 2012

Kikkor Golf X PlaidGoneBad

Hey everyone,
My good friends at Kikkor Golf have provided a special promo code for all PlaidGoneBad readers. Take advantage of it. I only wear Kikkor. Once you get a pair, chuck your footjoys, truelink, ecco..... everything goes in the trash. #bestinthebusiness

Keep checking back for hints about the 2013 line up. 

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Street Snaps in Italy

I was just having a casual drink at a near by café near the Duomo in Firenze, Italy. So, my dad ordered a compari soda and I got a succa de frutta di pera (which is my go to drink). But the main focus here is how this German gentleman walks into the café with a down coat, a vest, a button shirt, a scarf and the accessories...... The big glasses and the mail boy hat. Just fantastic.........

This photo was taken at the same café. To me this truly displays the Italian life,  wake up and walk through the small cobble stone streets of Firenze, to the local café for an espresso and the paper. Plus this guy really knows how to wear those green pants. Plus the fedora. Good stuff bro.

This to me is one of my all time favorite photos . Let me start with the guy on the right.  The popped collars of the blue sport coat to me is the focal point, plus he has the pocket square which ties in the white crew neck t-shirt. The skinny chinos highlight his "retro" looking nike's. The man on the right looks like he just got off a boat in the hamptons. A nice classic gingham shirt with a knit tie and a classic blue sport coat makes the guy what I call 'Super Classy'. My one criticism is that it is still a bit too early for the white pants, but other then that, keep on doing what you are doing. Plus he is having a GELATO!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Sorry it's Been a While

Just thought I would put this out there for all of you to see.
It's Geoff from Quagmire Golf and the Arnie Line and Joe Silva from Garb golf, and myself talking about Junior Styles and my opinons at the PGA Show. 
It was a pleasure to take part in an event with such high caliber.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Puma Just Gets Bigger and Bigger and Bigger, Bigger......

This billboard is near the Puma store on Houston street in NYC. It just shows how the Puma, Rickie Fowler campaign just keeps on growing.  Coincidently before I saw the sign my cousin bought himself the exact same hat Rickie is wearing. 

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Friday, January 27, 2012

My Road to the Show

2 mondays' ago (I had a day off) around lunch time I got an email from Ms. Annemarie Dodd (who my mom used to work with). She invited me to the show to speak on a junior golf panel (perfect!) about fashion and style (even better!). This was such a shock, at the time I did not even realize what had actually happened. In most cases I would email my mom to tell her about how surprised I was, but this was different. Out of instinct knowing that there was a very slim chance that I would miss school for golf. I replied telling her how honored I was but I could not be there. That night a the diner table I told my mom and dad that I was invited to the show. Bam! something clicked. We booked the flight, hotel and by the time it all hit me it was Thursday night and I going through security at Laguardia Airport. This experience has really opened my eye to the golf world. Thank you Annemarie. 

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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Getting Ready for PGA Show

Last night me and my mom went out for a quick bite to eat before changing our mind to switch direction and head to j.crew. On her way home that night she stopped at J.Crew and checked out the kids stuff, she found a really nice chambray sport coat that would go perfect for a sporty outfit for day 2 of the show. It was one of a kind, it looked great and was definitely a good find. I tried it on and loved it but as I was inspecting it before checkout i realized that it was ripped and this close to the show there woud be no time to get it sewn up. So as I am walking back to the clothing rack, out of the corner of my eye I caught a zippered cotton jacket. Now if you thought that the chambray jacket looked nice, well this might make you think twice. The jacket is some type of cross between a seater and vest. The body is a khaki cotton quilted but the sleeves are navy cotton. This jacket is one of a kind and cannot be categorized with anything else. Its perfect for an early spring night out or and early fall jacket. Its everything you can ask for in a jacket, its warm and comfortable. Awesome job J.Crew!

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